Wheel Alignment Service

“Trust the Experts” Poor alignment can significantly alter your vehicles steering capability and add continued excessive wear to your tires. During the winter snow plowing and freezing conditions destroy roadways by causing a continued freeze and thaw condition to the pavement. This condition creates crater like potholes. These potholes are a major contributor of Wheel Misalignment to your vehicles front end. Worn or damaged front end parts such as faulty springs, struts or tie rod ends all contribute to a vehicle in serious need of front end repair and a Wheel Alignment Service.

Our Wheel Alignment Service provides:

  • A Safer More Stable Ride
  • Easier Control and Handle-ability
  • Tire Longevity
  • Maintains vehicles fuel efficiency

With the advancement of today’s automotive technology, our skilled technicians are trained to perform Two Wheel and Four Wheel Alignment Service. We use the latest Hunter Engineering Company's HawkEye Elite wheel alignment system. This will achieve critically precise adjustments according to the factory specifications. A quality wheel alignment assures the proper angle of the wheel and tire, guaranteeing straight tracking for a more safe and comfortable ride.

“Drive With Confidence!"